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Add your project here to let others know that it is ready to be beta tested.

You are also welcome to e-mail the BbDN team so that we can include your project in our regular e-mails and highlight your work in our office hours.

Building Block projects:

Google Calendar integration B2

Description: Allows users to display both Google Calendar events and Blackboard calendar events in the same module.
Environment: / Windows, should theoretically run on any 7.2+ on Linux/Windows/Solaris
Contact: George Kroner,

PowerLink projects:

WebCTDAO - open source equivalent to the authmoduledata package

Description: Provides an open source alternative to the useful authmoduledata package with updates for Application Packs 1 and 2, and other bug fixes. Version 2 (released 14-Apr-08) includes enhancements to provide methods for accessing term-related data, system version information, the database type and more...
Environment: Vista 4.1.1+/CE 6.1.1+
Links: download documentation
Contact: Stephen Vickers (see project area in OSCELOT)

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